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Why I Love Facebook, After All.

I was not an early adopter of social media. I didn’t have a MySpace until Facebook was already a thing.  My MySpace account was under the name of my Misanthropic Internet Doppleganger, Georgette Magillacuddy.  If we were friends in college, you might’ve heard me tell people (men) that was my name at bars. I thought […]

Campfire Parenting, New Context, New Friends.

Ever have casual, peripheral, or professional contact with people and know that you want to know them more? I love people, and I love to meet and talk to new ones.  But I don’t always love to sustain relationships.  Sometimes, I find myself doing it anyway out of proximity or convenience or a desire for […]

I Remembered a Thing: Temporary, Black, Lesbian College Roommates

My first roommate ever was a boy. I can’t imagine now what my parents must’ve thought, but I knew what I was doing back then, and wouldn’t be dissuaded.  Plus, I got to move to New England.  HUGE bonus.  It had been a dream since I read Cynthia Voigt (I think it was her, anyway) […]

Spring 2012 Rocks, Notes On Family, Weddins, Hijinks, and Love.

So far, this has been a pretty righteous spring. In the picture, Child is wearing a Groucho Marx Mustache that was originally purcahsed for my team, THIMP (or The Hammer is my Penis, thanks Dr. Horrible) at Quizzo Cup 5. You might remember my wildly self-indulgent post about an unfortunate end to a friendship.  The […]

Why New Girl Sucks and 7 Secrets that TV Should Tell.

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m the kind of woman who has a tiny girl-crush on Zooey Deschanel.  Plus, she’s my age & I like how quirky her taste in projects is. Two things about this occur to me just now: 1.  I seem to be a little obsessed with age and what […]


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