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Getting Fired Is the Best…

And the worst. The absolute worst. It was a dissonant event in that I was fired from a position in which I’d been promoted, given a raise, and earned much praise for the quality, speed, and tenor of my work. A position in which I’d gone above and beyond. Which filled me with existential angst […]

Creatives Are People, Too. (a rant)

I am really sick of apologizing for being a creative person. I am sick of seeing “thought” pieces about how useful or useless particular disciplines of study are. WE ARE NOT ALL GREAT AT SCIENCE, MATH, TECHNOLOGY, AND ENGINEERING. Wanna know what I’m great at? Telling stories, making stuff, creating recipes for body care products […]

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

I’m over armchair philosophers and their memes. I am especially over these memes that *seem* like feminist memes, but are really women apologizing. Like this one: Silly me. I forgot about the explosion of passion that rendered me unable to dress myself this morning, causing dozens of firey (small, because my passion is also conscientious […]

Franzen, Weiner, and Nuance

I’ve been planning my triumphant return to blogging. Since I’m done with grad school (for now), I theoretically have time for this again. What I planned was this confessional about how I’ve been in a shitty mood and fuck the patriarchy. But then I got sidetracked by Jonathan Franzen and Jennifer Weiner. My writer friend, […]

#NaNoWriMo, it’s not just for writing novels anymore.

So, it’s NaNo. The month that fills every writer I know with a sense of hope and possibility. Or, as likely, dread and insecurity. Whatever the feelings, NaNo inspires a certain type of person to get behind a keyboard. Whatever the end result, writing is good for a person’s soul. And as much as I […]

5 Freelancing Hacks That Will Improve Your Adjunct Life

Friends have complimented my work boundaries. That is, my no-bullshit approach to getting everything done and committing the appropriate amount of personal resources to each of my projects so as to avoid burning out. I’m telling you, this has been a hard-won way to live, there have been stretches of years during which I ran […]

Ethical Quandries In Becoming an Adjunct Prof.

I will not be insinuating any wrongdoing or accusing Universities of being slave masters in this post. I will not be bitching about adjunct wages. I am interacting with my reality, forgetting for a moment that things for adjuncts are in real need of intervention. Adjunct wages are an improvement over my current wages. Especially […]


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