Weeks to Geek

The Incredible Benefit of Writing In a Group

At Wildcat Comic Con, I gave a presentation called, “Know Thy Characters, Love Thy Villains: A beginner’s writing workshop.” Check out the Slideshow in Powerpoint, or Download the PDF. I’ve been giving writing workshops as much as possible lately because I love them.  If you’re in Williamsport and you want to take an incredibly inexpensive workshop […]

Weeks To Geek: Impressions of Walter Koenig & Geek Culture

Walter Koenig is writing graphic novels these days.  His newest one, Things to Come # 2, is available on Amazon. That’s why he was at the Wild Cat Comic Con, which was held this past weekend at Pennsylvania College of Technology.  You can read about my involvement with the con here and here and here. I […]

No Mo Weeks to Geek: Today is the first day

So I’m keeping it short this morning so I can have breakfast and enough coffee a pot of coffee in time to register & get my but and my spy pen in seat so as to hear all the groovy stuff I want to hear. Conveniently, it’s all in the same room, and the stuff […]

One Week to Geek: The Walking Dead

The thing I am most excited about at Wildcat Comic Con, besides meeting all the cool people I’ve been talking to over the past several months (and trying to sell stories about), is the Zombie panel I’m moderating. The subtitle for our panel started out as something like, “A semi-serious conversation about Zombie Apocalypse.”  The […]

Two Weeks to Geek: Librarians are Comics Heroes!

Don’t forget to register online a tHttp://wildcatcomiccon.pct.edu.  Only a few days left to take advantage of the March Madness sale! Yesterday, I wrote about resources for writers.  I was thinking specifically about online resources, but as I thought through the post for today, I realized that omitting mention of libraries as a resource is a […]

Three Weeks to Geek: Beddor & Mendheim, Worlds & Games

The thing that got me intrigued by this Comic Con in the first place–and the thing that got me to pull my head out of my ass and realize that the project is revolutionary, and it just happens to be coming alive in this relatively small, conservative town in which I live–was when John Shableski (the guy […]

Four Weeks to Geek: Press & Creators

I was going to save my second Weeks to Geek post for tomorrow, give you good folks a day off.  But tomorrow, I think I’ll wax poetic about being a late-bloomer where gym membership and physical fitness are concerned. So this post will be two things.  First, It’ll give you spots to watch for additional […]


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