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Late 2012, or Self (Publishing) Help: How to Be a Baller Client

Late in 2012, I had the honor of working with two excellent writers. These authors are not excellent because they and I share a bit of commonality in terms of literary goals and aesthetics, they were excellent because they were wonderful to work with. The authors were REKTOK ross, author of YA Inspirational Romance, and […]

Open Letter to Vanity Publishing Crowd

Dear Book Writer, What is your profession?  I’m dying to know.  I will show up there and take over your clients.  I will prescribe their pills or write their briefs or cobble their soles.  I can slice and stitch with the best of them; after all, I took Home Ec. Or maybe I should show […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Food in Fiction

I’m proofing a book right now that actually makes food awkward. The book is set in a swank vacation spot, think resort Jamaica.  The food is so poorly imagined that I find it to be distracting.  Here’s an example: a three-course dinner at a 4-star restaurant is described as sausage soup, meat with Jamaica Style […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Tell the F*cking Truth!

Listen, today is independence day.  Independence is cool.  Independent publishing is cool.  But some people don’t find it to be liberating.  Some people are ashamed. In my work as a journalist, I have encountered some self-published authors who are so defensive about being self-published that their websites are full of lies. So in honor of […]

Self (Publishing) Help: What is a Book Doctor? Do I need one?

If you’ve been reading here, or if you grabbed one of my free eBooks, you probably know that I am 100% pro editor. But if you’re thinking about self-publishing, or wondering if you should pitch an agent, and have done even a small amount of web research, you’ve probably also seen the term “book doctor.” […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Birthing Originality and Truth

I told a friend the other day that I honestly can’t remember the pain of child birth.  I can’t describe it specifically, the way I can describe the sting and itch of mosquito bite ages after it’s dried out and my flesh is white and smooth again.  My friend will soon become a mom, and […]

Funny Little Language Things

Lately, I’ve been encountering a ton of spelling errors.  I don’t know if it’s that the people who learned how to spell before spellcheck have mostly retired, or if it’s something else, but I am generally more amused than annoyed about errors like these.  I have a pretty good memory and I’ve done a lot […]


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