People do Zany Shit on the Internet & Notes from the Cosmos

Child started playing this game, Tapfish, on my first generation Galaxy Tab. I’m kind of into it, too.  I’m babysitting our two tanks while she visits Grandma this week. This game is mildly frustrating because the cool stuff costs real money (in the form of fish bucks), but I’m in the middle of an “event” […]

Child Gets Attacked By a Tiny Dog

Our neighbors have a tiny, angry dog. It appears to be a Doberman trapped in a Chihuahua’s body. Sorta like this: For some reason, Brutus, this puppy–and puppy he is, he’s only a few months old–has nipped me before, scratched Child’s back another time (though this was when Brutus was put on the top bunk […]

Our Ballsy Mouse

Our house is big and old and we live in town, but have a nice yard and trees and things.  Having a mouse buddy is nothing terribly surprising, and fortunately, both Fella and I grew up in houses with mice, so we’re not freaking out. We also both think that ethical treatment of living critters […]

Insomnia at Child Pageant in Nowhere New York

I just spent about 2 hours reading Penelope Trunk‘s blog.  I woke up at 1:00 (really 2:00), and now it’s 3:30 (really 4:30), and thank god because after I get this burning need to tell all you good people about this amazing sleep interruption out of me, I will still be able to get some […]

Dead Babies IV: Snail Mommy

We have fish tanks. We have one 30-gallon tank, and a smaller tank that gets its inhabitants today. These little fellas: I understand that keeping a shrimp tank is kind of trendy right now in Asia, and the Fish Tank Proprietor (henceforth FTP) in our house is kind of into (read wild crazy full of […]


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