40+ (this post is funny)

Last night, Fella and I watched “Hilarious” by Louis C.K.  I could tell it was recent because of the jokes, but a little light came on as he repeated over and again about how he’s 41.  (The thing was filmed in 2010, LCK was born in 1967 according to IMDb) I thought, “Hum.  I think […]

Pageant Fad: Ugly Mom Contestants

Really.  I’m not kidding. And these were not MILFs. Here’s a profile: She was the best-looking of all the 30-and-up contestants.  I don’t have a shot of her face, but maybe my co-spy does. Stay Tuned.  Here’s what the EmCee said:  “Nancy is 39 years old with brown hair and blue eyes.  Three words that […]

Angel Face Pageant: Impressions

The question I set out to answer is this: “Are the people at pageants in real life as crazy as they are on TV?” Depends on which TV you’re talking about. 1. I watched about 1/3 of an episode of “Toddlers and Tiaras.”  It made me a little bit sick inside.  So with that as […]


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