Notes From The Road.

Today I drove 40 miles south, then a few hours later I drove back. I saw at least ten cars pulled over, but only got a look at four of the drivers. Two black; two white. I wish I could say I believed there’s a chance the six drivers I didn’t see were white. Christians, […]

In Response To Haughty Posts About What Food Servers Wish You Knew -or- 4 Important Things About Tipping

My current money-getting gig is as a food server at a brew pub. I generally LOVE my job. I am energized by hanging out with people, I am witty and friendly so I often get laughs + big tips, and it’s fast, fast money which leaves me lots of room and time for writing, grad […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Food in Fiction

I’m proofing a book right now that actually makes food awkward. The book is set in a swank vacation spot, think resort Jamaica.  The food is so poorly imagined that I find it to be distracting.  Here’s an example: a three-course dinner at a 4-star restaurant is described as sausage soup, meat with Jamaica Style […]

America’s Test Kitchen Improves My Love Relationship

If you have not had the pleasure of watching America’s Test Kitchen on PBS, do.  Christopher Kimball, the show’s host: pictured above, is slightly knobbish, but the exhaustive care the show affords its innumerable cooking projects matches his strange, neurotic egotism.  It is a real joy. I bought Fella the Twenty Years of America’s Test […]

A Sunday in Humorous Anecdotes. (funny)

A thing about being a blogger is that about every third thing that happens in a given day is blog-worthy. Being a blogger in the first place requires some self-discipline.  I’m trying to have better self-discipline.  Fella would probably argue.  He says I am no good with suspending gratification.  But that is ungenerous since he […]

Macaroni & Cheese Masterwork

Should Thursday be Food Thursday? In addition to being a witty devil and a swell writer, I am also a fine cook.  Don’t be jealous.  There’s a lot of pressure that goes with being good at lots of things. But Macaroni & Cheese is one of my FAVORITE comfort foods, and I think I just […]

Xmas Sucks if you’re a grownup, or does it?

Let’s acknowledge something, shall we?  From Thanksgiving to January 2, everybody in America’s life gets appropriated by these festivities.  It doesn’t really matter what religion you practice, or if you don’t practice one. Every retail establishment is bonkers, it takes twice as long to buy shampoo or toilet paper if you are unlucky enough to […]


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