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The Reading Life: The History of My Body

The thing that struck me most about Sharon Heath’s The History of My Body is the deep authenticity of the protagonist’s voice. The story is told in first person by Fleur Robins–daughter of an extravagantly wealthy fundamentalist nutjob politician father and alcoholic mother–who, at first, exhibits signs of being touched neurologically (never officially diagnosed, her disengaged […]

Sweet Williamsport Treats: Events, Classes, and Culture

This town I live in gives me a LOT. I want to give stuff back to it.  So on certain Saturdays, I’ll be posting images, announcements, events, classes, and other extraordinary stuff. February 28, 2012: TEDx Event Register here Fiction & Memoir Courses a la moi A Brief Study of Story: Reading & Writing Personal […]

Hyper Productivity, Sleep-deprivation, Shit parenting, and Sex!

We had one of those hell-parenting nights last night. I sleep like a boulder, and Fella sleeps like a feather.  Child gets nose bleeds in the winter, and every year I talk myself into believing that this’ll be the year we’ll make it through without the humidifier. I am always wrong. But at 3 this […]

My Life as a Sound Editor

By which I mean, of course, podcast editor. But the double entendre strikes me now: Sound-minded editor.  I’m that, too. I’m so sound minded, in fact, that I resist the temptation to gouge out my own eyes as I truck through Romance manuscript after romance manuscript.  As I feel simultaneously insulted and envious that people […]

The Reading Life: Bossypants

Here are some facts I learned from reading Bossypants that heightened my girl crush on Tina Fey. 1.  Tina Fey’s first child, Alice (also a cool, old name, like Child’s), is the same age as my child within weeks. 2.  Tina Fey was also an adult virgin. 3.  She loves Williamsport.  Or I extrapolate that […]

Surprise truth for today: I am not a literati snob.

The thing is, I think that Literary fiction is not public enough.  It does not have the same PR people as the genre stuff.  And while I do, myself aesthetically, prefer to read literary fiction, I think there’s also a place in the world for genre fiction. I want people to have better access to […]

Excellent meeting with a guy who wants you to have his book, free.

I’m working on becoming a nonprofit slave. I am a nonprofit slave, actually. Running two blogs, tweeting and facebooking with intention, meeting with people, networking, hatching ideas, and doing graphic design is really more than I have time to do.  But I’m managing so far, and once we get some funding, I can hire a […]


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