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A Good Chat, a Good Chap: Writing About Alive People

One of the many things that I laugh at myself about is that I’m 32. There’s really no call for me to be writing a memoir. I’ve got no business. I don’t think it would matter what I was working on, I’d feel like I had no business writing it. Another thing that gives me […]

Shit Got Real or One Bite At a Time

I’ve been writing this post in my head for a while. Been wanting to give you and me a break from the memoir drafting stuff. It is hard, hard, hard to be in self-examination mode, and to stay there, and to stay sane. I spent a lot of last week weeping. Part of it is […]

I got rid of half of my books: 2013

Until recently, half of what I own was books. Now, perhaps a quarter. I sat down with my book collection and I culled it. I looked at titles that I’d read, and would probably not read again, even my recently usurped *favorite* book which I owned in hardcover was tossed into a bin for donating. […]


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