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Disappointing the Christian Republicans, It Hurts: 1997 – present

The last bit of this reads like I’m a PhD.  I’m not. I have a BA in English.  In the larger piece, that is clear before you get here. Hanging out with some friends this weekend, we were talking about our parents and how it’s easy to say, “I don’t care what they think,” but […]

The Misogynist Rhetoric Runs Deep: 1980 – present

This is the beginning of a piece about sexual assault: It is deep inside me, a sliver of an idea, an idea that I have tried to banish by reading feminist criticism, by performing in The Vagina Monologues, by reading those sad, captioned photos online that have rape victims holding white signs with handwritten quotations […]

I Buy My Parents Underwear For Christmas: 1998

Kelley took loads of pictures of my family. Here’s one of my parents, probably around the time I bought them underwear for Xmas. I am in the Point Mall because I am in the school chorus and we are having a holiday concert there. This is a strange place, I think, to have a concert, […]

What’s Next? or Why I’ve Been a Shitty Blogger and How I Plan to Change

You probably remember the days when I blogged five days a week. And I doubt you’ve missed me. But I’ve missed you. See, I’m in this grad program for writing. It’s mostly online. I go two times a year for about a week to get my physical learning on, then the rest of the time […]

Late 2012, or Self (Publishing) Help: How to Be a Baller Client

Late in 2012, I had the honor of working with two excellent writers. These authors are not excellent because they and I share a bit of commonality in terms of literary goals and aesthetics, they were excellent because they were wonderful to work with. The authors were REKTOK ross, author of YA Inspirational Romance, and […]

Happy New Year in April Line Writing Land: Stop Sex Trafficking of Minors!

I have been busy, and neglecting you, fair blog readers. But I’m on a train after spending New Year’s Eve at a benefit for A13, an initiative by Resolution Hope to stop sex trafficking of minors by building awareness and to provide care and appropriate homes and healing resources for women and and children who […]


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