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I Don’t Want a Pickle…

Since the song loses something if you haven’t heard it, I invite you to listen now.  You really only need the chorus, so if it’s not your thing, you don’t have to listen long. It’s by this guy: Arlo Guthrie. The famous American folksinger, Woody Guthrie, is his dad.  Woody’s work is stellar, and much […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Food in Fiction

I’m proofing a book right now that actually makes food awkward. The book is set in a swank vacation spot, think resort Jamaica.  The food is so poorly imagined that I find it to be distracting.  Here’s an example: a three-course dinner at a 4-star restaurant is described as sausage soup, meat with Jamaica Style […]

Observations from the world.

A man holds a garbage bag full of rumpled white paper towels.  He puts his cigarette out inside a big USPS Mailbox.  His eyes pingpong in their sockets. A kid riding a too-small bike has a haircut that makes it look like he’s receding. A very fat woman wearing a lavender T-shirt plays on an iPad […]

People do Zany Shit on the Internet & Notes from the Cosmos

Child started playing this game, Tapfish, on my first generation Galaxy Tab. I’m kind of into it, too.  I’m babysitting our two tanks while she visits Grandma this week. This game is mildly frustrating because the cool stuff costs real money (in the form of fish bucks), but I’m in the middle of an “event” […]

PA School Press Association Rules!

  Pennsylvania School Press Association is an organization I’ve been involved with intermittently in the past decade or so, presenting at their conferences in 2002 and in 2010.  Their next conference is coming up in Harrisburg.  Check out speakers and panels here. I was recently asked to join their Advisory Board which is an honor. […]

Oh God, the Feelings! And Candy Land.

It has been an intense month for Child and I.  I am a generally sensitive person with loads of feelings. But I have been in the midst of this confronting-feelings tsunami for about a month. There are two things I want to tell you about. 1.  My sister’s wedding.  I already told you about it, […]

Birthday #7: One Mother’s Oldness

Child says, “Seriously, mommy.” kind of a lot. It sounds like an accusation.  Like, “How dare you doubt my perfect logic?  I am seven, and therefore infallible.”  Seven.  Six plus one.  Five plus two.  Wasn’t she an infant mere months ago?  How is this possible? Here’s Child over her cake.  I like seven.  I liked […]


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