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Five Weeks to Geek: A Shallow Preview

<— Just read this.  What a phenomenal book.  Writing interview questions for this guy, and his wife Sari Wilson. A.D. is a great story.  The folks in it are as palpable as the best-written literary characters I’ve loved. I’m thinking specifically of Harry Crews’s Hickum Looney, and the wickedly quirky cast of Richard Russo’s Straight […]

Great Newsletter for Writers & Editors

Just found this while researching an interview for later tonight.  Editors, Writers, Publishing types (freelance & otherwise), must read it. Click here. Or here. or here!

10 Things I Miss About Being Totally Alone

Faithful Blog Readers, I have been over-committed for the past several days, and I want you to know that I’m brewing a really cool Weeks to Geek post for tomorrow (I hope). But since I didn’t post yesterday, here’s a semi-serious list of 10 things I miss from my days before child and partner. 10 […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Get a Developmental Editor!

Ego Schmego Writing is so complicatedly ego-driven.  On one hand, we have to be somewhat narcissistic to love the writing life.  All the time alone, in our own minds, reading and re-reading our own words, writing more of them, clamoring after friends, peers, editors, agents to read them, dealing with the rejection and keeping on… […]

Sweet Williamsport Treats: Events, Classes, and Culture

This town I live in gives me a LOT. I want to give stuff back to it.  So on certain Saturdays, I’ll be posting images, announcements, events, classes, and other extraordinary stuff. February 28, 2012: TEDx Event Register here Fiction & Memoir Courses a la moi A Brief Study of Story: Reading & Writing Personal […]

Stories I wrote: Family Bed

I realized that I forgot to give you a free story on Wednesday.  This was an oversight.  Largely because I was so excited to tell you about Geekery. I’m going to switch Free Story day to Fridays both HERE, and on the Blue Lit blog. There are a few reasons for this. Free stories are […]

Six Weeks to Geek: Zombie Lore, a Panel

My Geek: A Brief History Much to Fella’s eternal chagrin, I’m not much of a geek.  I didn’t grow up sucking down comics, tapping controllers, or digging on horror flicks, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, anime, or any of the equivalents thereof.  My most successful forays into gaming were with Mario Bros. on 8-bit […]


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