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Beam me up, Scotty! (part 2)

Due to the faithful forward-paying of germs between daughters and mothers, I canceled my swank plans tonight to go to a Poetry Reception at Bucknell.  Yes, that Bucknell. Instead, I stayed home and judged a poetry contest. It was for Category #13 of the PA Poetry Society’s Annual contest.  Here’s a link: Click Contests once you […]

Beam me up, Scotty!

I read this great essay today in Tin House.  It was called, “Mirror Mirror: A Guide To Pathos” by Crystal Williams.  It is a lovely essay, poetic, and passionate, and brings up all kinds of terrific ideas and issues with cultural notions of beauty.  There are some haunting images from Detroit in the piece.  And […]

Tin House, Woody Allen, Terry Gross, Soon-Yi, Mia Farrow, Fresh Air, Mag-gie-Ship-stead!

Yesterday, Dave Davies replayed a Terry Gross interview with Woody Allen on Fresh Air. You can read about how I feel about Woody Allen here.  I also really like Terry Gross.  She is an excellent interviewer. This morning, I read this short story in Tin House by Maggie Shipstead called “You Have A Friend in […]

I hate authority.

This trait came from my dad.  Or the nature that spawns this trait is from my dad. My dad never ever just pays a parking ticket, speeding ticket, or any other kind of ticket.  He always goes before the judge and pleads his case.  He once spent a weekend in jail so that he wouldn’t […]

Four Links You’ll Love: or I’m a Lazy Blogger (yeah!)

I am living just now in that not-space in my mind where all the things I want to say are blurred together, a smear, not distinct from itself or other smears.  There are smears for the grand things I have not done yet, like buy a star for Child’s menarche, or spend a month on […]

Stories I Wrote: Vernacular

When I wrote this, I remember specifically that I was experimenting with fully imagining myself as someone else.  This is a difficult thing, and doing it can be a hazard of writing fiction. I recall that this protagonist was kind of a mashup my best friend’s girlfriend, and one of my other friends, and myself. […]

She Loves It! New Haven, Interviewing, Place

This Just In! I loved interviewing Vaughn from Loves It! and Jenny when she was in Shotgun Party so much, and think their music is so great, that I’m putting it here.  You can listen all you like, or go to, and download or buy your own copy. You know the very second I […]


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