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Taco Robot and Awesome Mom

Today was my crowning achievement of motherhood thus far. It is not the labor, and delivery-in-the-ambulance. It is not having raised a reasonably polite, lovely 6-year-old. It is not having kicked ass as a seriously single single mom for almost 5 years. No. What is it? Not so fast.  Child has decided she likes Taco […]

The Reading Life: Bossypants

Here are some facts I learned from reading Bossypants that heightened my girl crush on Tina Fey. 1.  Tina Fey’s first child, Alice (also a cool, old name, like Child’s), is the same age as my child within weeks. 2.  Tina Fey was also an adult virgin. 3.  She loves Williamsport.  Or I extrapolate that […]

Xmas Decompression, Depression, and Showing Off

  These are my holiday gifts. I’ve been dying to post pictures of them. I want you all to know how creative and crafty I am. I got the pattern for these guys over at Crafty is Cool, which I discovered from trolling, which is a knitting/crocheting site. This morning, I woke up with […]

Happy Holiday Blog Break

Hey Everybody. My blog is taking a hiatus until Tuesday Night.  We’ll talk then. Warm Holiday Wishes for the Celebration You Like. Love, April Line Writing

Three Days to Xmas, and The World Is Not Singing.

I did post this image the other day, but today is Solstice (for which my Pagan domestic partner could not provide a suitable idea for an icon in the dragon’s house, above), and I think this is really funny. Also, since I drew it, I will not go to jail or be hugely fined for […]

Santa is very tech, and I am a tricky, tricky mom.

My big thing about Santa is that it’s lying–and indeed making elaborate measures–to trick our children into believing something that is impossible.  I hate giving Santa credit for the thoughtful or awesome gifts I buy. But Portable North Pole (.tv) helped me make this tricky video. And Child sat on my lap with a look […]

Surprise truth for today: I am not a literati snob.

The thing is, I think that Literary fiction is not public enough.  It does not have the same PR people as the genre stuff.  And while I do, myself aesthetically, prefer to read literary fiction, I think there’s also a place in the world for genre fiction. I want people to have better access to […]


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