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On Recovery, Holidays, and Work Schedules

Until almost bedtime last night, I had not done a lick of work since Wednesday the 23rd when I drove to NYC to pick up my little sister at Penn Station.  That was an 8 hour day in the car. Driving in NYC is not like other driving, and being a good city driver is […]

I think I love Tina Fey, so what’m I so afraid of?

I started watching 30 Rock.  I admit I didn’t get it at first.  But two people whose taste I trust kept telling me how farmin great it is. So I believed them, and I started watching episodes systematically on Netflix Streaming via Xbox.  (All of this is thanks to Fella.  I didn’t used to have […]

Big Announcement: New Venture, Start Some Good, Twelve Good Things

As I write this, I am working to launch a fundraising project on Start Some Good.  I have a great idea and the expertise to make it go if we can raise the cash. The Folks over at like the project, and they’ve approved me to utilize their site. You, good blog readers, get […]

Alive Baby’s Dead Friendship

Child is a really sweet kid.  Her birthday’s late summer, so she’s one of the youngest in her class. Her BFF is one just a few months shy of being a whole year older than she is. The girls met at Little Lambs, the preschool to which they both went, about 2 years ago.  It’s […]

Reasons I Love New York (And Cities Generally)

When I was in college, I took this class called “The City in Western Civilization.”  It was taught by an art history professor and an history professor. We read some excerpts from this book called Suburban Nation that extolled the virtues of urban living, its efficiency, relative safety (because if you scream your neighbors can hear […]

Regis Quits, Child Laughs, Sandler Writes a Poem

Go listen to this edition of Fresh Air. Adam Sandler wrote this poem as Regis: How could you leave us, Regis? Your quitting is simply egregious. We need your banter with Kellygis. You two make us laugh till we Peegis. Child and I were in the car after Zumba at the Y, and I’m vaguely amused […]

Why I Refuse to Focus: Writerly Ravings

If you’ve been reading here lately, you know I’ve fallen in love with Penelope Trunk.  You’re aware that I basically want to be her (except for the multiple children and farm/homeschooling thing). She told me I need to focus.  She’s right, sort of. But today I had an epiphany.  I can make not focusing focus. […]


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