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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everybody! April Line Writing is closed for the holiday.  Stay tuned for a dozen excellent blog posts about life as a weird mom and writer, and thoughts on  participating in National Novel Writing Month next week.

Amazing News for November 1st & Thanks

It’s a little early for New Year’s thinking, but I find myself in a place of reflection, and with the desire to re-examine where I want to land.  I’ve been doing some reading along these lines: things about how to run my freelance business better, how to get writing work from writing for free, etc. […]

Dead Babies IV: Snail Mommy

We have fish tanks. We have one 30-gallon tank, and a smaller tank that gets its inhabitants today. These little fellas: I understand that keeping a shrimp tank is kind of trendy right now in Asia, and the Fish Tank Proprietor (henceforth FTP) in our house is kind of into (read wild crazy full of […]

Girls’ Guide to Hiring Mechanics and Contractors

When I was a teenager and young adult, my dad took care of my car stuff.  He helped me with house stuff, too, when I lived near him.  Then I got a car that was too new for him to work on, but I worked at a car dealership, so I was pretty sure the […]

The Watching Life: The Thing & Septien

It’s so rare that I watch two recent movies in the same week. Due to my self-inflicted (for a large part) media deprivation as a young person, I spend a lot of time playing catch up on movies and TV that other people have already seen. We went to see The Thing. Then we watched […]

Cool song by old friend. Maybe support independent music & buy the record, won’t you?

Modern Living is the song my old friend wrote.  He recorded it with this North Hampton, MA band.  Plus, I like their album art. *ahem, that’s Northampton (Thanks Robin).

Open letter to Bueraucratic Bitchasses

Dear Bueraucratic Bitchasses (hereinafter B.B.A.s), Maybe you remember me.  I am that woman for whom life has been slightly difficult, but who is doing her best. I am that girl who didn’t procure a state-funded abortion and has spent a cumulative total of 2 of her daughter’s six years utilizing any sort of state- or […]


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