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Charlie Brown’s Parents

I had the honor today of interviewing a very famous children’s book author on the phone.  She lives in upstate NY, and called me from a CT area code, and the interview was arranged through a management company.  How famous is she?  Enough famous to be wealthy from writing books, that’s how much. She is […]

Mellowcreme Pumpkins Are Delicious.

Some of you who know me might be surprised that I think so.  I’m really a salty, coffee-cream-only, once-a-month sugar cravings kind of gal.  I’d rather eat a steak, well, used to rather than a pile of sweets hands down.  Now, I’m more likely to have a Morning Star Tomato Basil burger with piles of […]

Shooting Apple Juice

Mom Comedy: We got some of these neato Take ‘n’ Toss cups with straws for Pearl so she still has the top, but doesn’t have the juvenile, sippy cup thing.  She’s six after all. The thing about the cups is that if you put the straw in the lid, then try to close it when it’s […]

The Writer’s Voice

I often get manuscripts that are a microsecond away from publication that have a giant mandate across the top from the production editor, “DO NOT TOUCH THE AUTHOR’S VOICE!” The thing that troubles me about this mandate is not that I try always to be respectful of a writer’s voice, but that a writer’s voice […]

Workshop Flyer

Halloween Cabaret

Brad and I have wildly differing tastes.  He’s all sci fi, fantasy, first person video games, goblins and zombies, mythology of all sorts, heavy metal, and runes and tarot and the goddess. I’m all literary fiction, folkish music with smart lyrics, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Northern Exposure, crafting, knitting, bohemian, feminist criticism, agnostic. Our aesthetic […]

Discipline Trouble

I hate punishing my kid.  Hate it.  I want to figure out a way to do it without making her feel hopeless.  I want to figure out a way to communicate love through punishment.  People who hit their kids probably think that sounds wacky.  I’ll admit it’s counterintuitive, but I feel like hitting her is […]


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