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The Quest for Clicks

I’m sitting at Starbucks with Robin Kaye, brainstorming ideas for how to get people looking at our website. We’re looking at great blogs by people in and out of the Romance industry. Here’s a great one if you’re a working writer, or if you’re holding a manuscript in your hands and asking, “What next?” We […]

Tomato Worms

We found these two fellas in our Tomato plant today. We took a trip wherein our plants didn’t get any attention for about 48 hours, and then there was a massive, sideways-blowing storm; so where before our plants appeared to be happy and flourishing, they are now a little worse for the wear. Our Sage […]

Amy Winehouse

Seriously? Apparently So. And I am sad. Really Sad. I enjoyed her work a great deal, and felt an odd kinship with her self-destructive, sexy lyrics. I may be more hopeful for her if I had any substantial belief in an afterlife, but her passing seems like such a peevish waste.


I bought some stuff from Dick’s Sporting Goods lately. Had my first experience with fitting a helmet, fitting a mouth guard, and signing a release form. Seriously. These activities clearly qualify me as an athlete. It’s really difficult to explain to a five-year-old how it’s possible that you have money that you can’t spend on […]

A lesson on Basil

Front and Center, this is sweet basil; the basil that can be bought at the regular (non-specialty) grocery store. It is mild and complements tomatoes very well. It is also substituted quite a lot in Thai cooking and can be made into pesto sauce among thousands of other things. We will make it into tea […]

On the Garden

This is my second year growing a garden with vegetables. We decided to grow a salsa garden + herbs. We have blighted tomatoes (sad, but that seem to be flourishing nonetheless), poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers, green peppers. We have herbs: parsley (curly and flat), rosemary, sage, thyme, basil (traditional, Thai, purple), marjoram, oregano, cilantro. Some […]

More on Reptiland

This guy was cool. This picture is crappy, but he had stuff growing on him. Awesome. This is Pearl in front of one of the rubber, animatronic dinosaursthat she could stand to turn her back to. This is my favorite butterfly. There were others. These are my favorite snakes. This is Pearl’s new Smile. She’s […]


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