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Maternal Insomnia

It is 2:00 a.m. where I live. About an hour ago, which was about 3 hours into my sleep for the night, my little girl seemed to sleepwalk into our room, crawl into bed, cuddle up against me, and immediately turn to dead weight. Heavy breathing and all of it. Sweet-smelling little kid noggin, hyper […]

Writing and Business Owning

I’m so on a roll on my satirical novel about a church camp and its, um, dramas? that I don’t, don’t don’t want to do my other work, which this week consists of proofreading a romance novel, writing a piece about fish for a newspaper’s magazine that is just south of here. Also, I need […]

more online shopping:

It seems to me that is a one-stop-shop for really anything that can be sent to you in a box. The website is pretty, lots of high resolution photographs that are linked to pages of other items like it. I especially like the all categories link. In the all categories link, there are additional […]


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