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my office chair

I spent 4 hours yesterday working my my office chair of my groovy office. I will post photos someday. My bottom got sore and my legs fell asleep. Maybe I need a proper office chair? Also, I am still plagued by the idea that blogs need focus, and that mine doesn’t have one. I don’t […]

The last day

This is the last day of my work vacation before the last week of my work for the place at which I work. I would like little more than to hang out all day and waste my mind on reruns of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI, Criminal Minds, and whatever else I can scare […]


This morning began with little Pearl helping me choose her clothes. She was instructed to wear red, white, and blue today at school yesterday. I wish I had read her folder papers (she gets nearly a ream home daily) last night. She got dressed while I packed her lunch, I opened her folder full of […]

Today’s Miscellane

Today, I learned that the bank I have been banking with for over a year and have never bounced a check, passed a bad check, or behaved poorly otherwise, would rather inconvenience and annoy me than harbor a check for me in a timely fashion. I got new glasses! They are fabulous, and I can […]


Dear Faithful (and unfaithful) Readers of this Blog, This is the day that I have committed to my new life. My new life full of uncertainty and mastery of my own destiny. I suppose it could be argued that one is always master of one’s own destiny, but this new endeavor of mine is a […]


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