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Novel Research

No, not hey hey it’s novel to do research (which it kind of is). More like, researching to write a novel. These are the things I need to know about: Pig Farming in the late 40s and early 50s. Women in the military in WWII, what they would have been doing in France. Women’s health […]


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The Pig’s Ear Pub

The Pig’s Ear is a study in contradictions. It is over on Westminster Drive near Sheetz, the Econo Lodge, and The Loyal Plaza. It is a down-home style place with all the good feelings of a small, locally owned restaurant—complete with black and white, historic Williamsport photo prints on the walls—that sits in one of […]

Franco’s Lounge

Before Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Community Arts Center, our cadre that had dwindled to a pair appeared for our reservation at Franco’s Lounge downtown on West Fourth. It was my first time. I was pumped. I’d heard such great things, especially about the duck tenders. I am fond of appetizers, and generally would […]

The James Food Review

The way The James hides in a cozy concrete corner downtown epitomizes the enveloping homeyness I associate with Williamsport. The Pine Street facade is unassuming, and anyevidence that The James is inside the Holiday Inn is delightfully subtle. The atmosphere is lovely—low amber lighting and sturdy, cherry-stained tables are arranged in an open space in […]


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