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I tricked Blogger!!

So I’m editing the blog for my job. And I stay signed in with my employment sign-in all day in the Internet Explorer browser. I like Firefox better. So I always open Gmail and other stuff in a Firefox browser window. And anybody with more than one google account knows that they automatically sign you […]

Crazy Youtube Video, even though I never embed them.

This is wicked cool. It makes me want to video Pearl. vid-eee-oh.

I ordered business cards

So like I keep saying, I’m so unhappy in my current job. Sad Days. I’m not an unhappy-in-my-job kind of girl. I like working, generally. I generally like my job. Just not this time. So I went to Vista Print and ordered business cards for two companies I’m starting. (I suppose when I decide to […]


Went to Starbucks to look for a job. Ran into Robin Kaye who is a novelist. She does not even live in PA. She lives in Maryland and brings her daughter to Carlisle 4x a week for CPYB. I introduced her to the new Espresso Truffle at Starbucks. YUM. Anyway–one thing leads to another, and […]

Really, do. I mean it.

Check out the Blogs of Note section at your homepage for blogger. Perhaps this is an obvious suggestion, but I have never taken the time to before today when I am wasting my last hour of work the way I have been wasting produce lately (please don’t make me admit all the moldy tomatoes I […]

And Oh My God Online Radio

So, somebody recently pointed out to me that a lot of the music I like is either folk or David Bowie-sounding. So I recently learned all about Pandora. (This is going back to that whole Luddite thing I’ve mentioned–I think it is probably decidedly unhip to only be learning about Pandora online now, right??) I […]

And Oh My God the Crockpot

I had this revelation. I mean, maybe it wasn’t so revolutionary as I think, but, ahem, It occurred to me that maybe the wrong approach is making recipes in the crock pot. So far I have been displeased by my crock pot efforts. They have consisted of artichokes, mac & cheese and chili. The chili […]


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