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What I just realized about my Blog

First, I want to express why I think that writing is my art of choice. I never tire of reading my own words. I re-read each e-mail, I just read the last dozen or so blog posts I’ve put here. When I have considered other artistic pursuits, I have been moodily turned-off by the notion […]

I hate my job and the coffee there.

People who shop on the internet are the most endlessly passive-aggressive people in the whole freaking world. Plus, everybody hates car dealerships, and if you’re not right in front of the shopper, it’s a lot harder to make him love you with your winning personality and surpassing cuteness. The coffee here, though the woman in […]

I like rain, but on the Fourth of July????

?! I was all psyched to do a barbecue. I always want to spell Barbecue with a Q. Now i wish I could go shopping. And nap the day away. 😦 Alas.

How do the wealthy get wealth?

Since I have joined the ranks of the gainfully employed (don’t get me wrong, I have always worked, always been employed, never before as gainfully as now, but still), and since I lived in poverty for an unfortunate period of time, and since I developed a deep seed of greed, I have been looking around […]


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