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at the lip of a downward spiral

Today is the first day I feel like myself again. Since our little run-in with the law, I have been sort of revelling in self-pity. Despite Cash Bash (where I got money, free food & booze and an iPod Nano just for selling some Subarus!!), hanging out with groovy peeps, QT with Ms. P, getting […]

Who gave the DVD players brains?

There’s this fairly marvellous feature in my DVD player–it always begins where it left off. But when it leaves off on the main screen, it begins at the beginning of the previews. Who made this happen? Who’s the genius of marketing and memory and many other things I can’t begin to remember?

Pearl’s first run-in with the law.

My mom and sister and I took Pearl to Hershey Chocolate World Saturday. Then on the way home, we stopped at one of my all-time favorite eating establishments in Carlisle, Scalles. I would recommend it, but I can no longer bear the thought of doing so. It was 2pm. There were not a lot of […]

Blog Envy

Okay. I know why I do not read other people’s blogs. INSANE JEALOUSY. My blog is so boring and un-funny. Other people write funny blogs. Even other people named April. In Wisconsin. Right Here on Blogger. I have serious blog envy and I am linking her over on the right, because she is cool and […]

Toaster Ovens & Stranger Than Fiction

I LOVE the movie Stranger Than Fiction, and as I’m watching it, I’ve noticed that the apartments reflect each character’s personality. Harold Crick’s apartment is full of IKEA’s minimalist tables and vintage late 70s/early 80s half-upholstered seating that is really geometrical. Mustard and Beige and Mossy Green. It’s in a yellow brick building, all squares […]

What do we become?

This morning, I woke at twenty to six, shut off the a/c, padded downstairs. I unrolled my Yoga mat for the first day of my mid-year-resolution: Yoga at least 4 mornings a week. 45 minutes of Yoga later, I put on the coffee and went out for the Sunday paper, which I signed up for […]


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