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A Pen that lights up

At work last evening, there was a pen on my desk that said on the side, “Jesus is Light Daryl and Barbara.” It was clearly a favor from some pair of zealots’ wedding. Slightly cool about this pen: the top quarter of the pen was a clear plastic cylinder with what appeared to be a […]

John Cusack & Nick Hornby

I’m rereading High Fidelity because it’s great, and because I just rewatched the movie–or, after three consecutive evenings of falling asleep at various key points, put together something like a viewing–and there is, surprisingly, nothing at all offensive about the way Nick Hornby’s books and the movies made from them coexist in my head. Now, […]

my life is REEEEEEEALLY exciting

I wish I’d been saving up millions of interesting things to say. But I haven’t. lately, I’ve been daydreaming and brainstorming about my linen closet, the presentation I’m supposed to give at the Pennsylvania Poets’ society conference on May 2, the creative writing classes I’m supposed to teach this summer at Carlisle Arts Learning Center, […]

Should the blog have a particular topic?

I’ve been thinking. Maybe if I want my blog to serve a purpose, I should use it to do something that I HAVE THE TIME to do, instead of trying to think of it as writing practice and possible venue for the rougher draftings of the novel pages, short story tries, etc. Wouldn’t this blog […]

Busy Busy Busy Busy

Sometimes, yes. Being a grown up does suck immense amounts of donkey schlong. But being a grown up rocks sometimes: When I make decisions that will save money (canceling the cable aspect of my bundle and cutting the extra media cost in half, changing the cell phone bill, making more coffee at home). Small successes […]


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