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Dillsburg & Fates

Tonight I drove back from York via Pennsylvania Rte 74 N. York is a gorgeous town. It’s huge, urban, fabulous. There is a vacuum hospital. Can you imagine? I don’t need to imagine anymore! But about 20 miles later, 74 cuts through Dillsburg, and as I drove through I was swept back in time a […]

Sympathetic Roast

I dreamed last night–the image has been with me all day–that I baked a live pig. Actually a Piglet because it fit nicely in my little 2 gallon dutch oven. It was contained similarly to a lobster (with pretty colored gum bands) when I purchased it from the store. The piglet baked for hours, plain, […]


Today’s a snow day. Today is now several days ago, the day on which it snowed. I had nostalgia on my way to work this morning about the glory that was. Snow days used to be marvelous, peaceful days ensconced in family, leisure and reflection. Sometimes also baking. Some of my favorite memories of my […]

I’m so…

busy. Blindingly so. Weeks and weeks have escaped without my notice. My mind is mush. It’s barely after 9pm and it feels to me like 2am after some late nights. There is still so much more to do! Today I bought file boxes for establishing my files. I’ve been seriously remiss in my use and […]

I am a greedy capitalist

It’s painful and rhetorically complicated to admit that. But it’s true. In a perfect world, I would be a raging liberal and be comfortable with that. “liberal,” as a rhetorical tool is a heavy, effective, efficient one. It increases my credibility with people I love, admire & respect. Politics is not a defining factor for […]

It’s not really possible

That almost 10,000 people have visited this blog, is it? I have that counter thing set to “unique hits,” too. I got it here. Any savvier-than-I folks care to weigh in on this matter? Jim already told me where to get a good web counter, but I forgot, so I just did a google search. […]

It has reached the point of

exhaustion, tiredness & pain wherein I am mindlessly surfing the web, entering contests to win cars. I could win a car, then sell it to my job. I am trying to win that 09 Nissan Murano off Then I could buy the car I want in cash and buy an insurance policy, too. Problem(s) […]


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