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My Boss has Karaoke in her office

My boss is really fun. She’s full of creative ideas and always has chocolate kicking around her office. There is unflattering speculation regarding her level of productivity. But I have few doubts. But this Karaoke machine in her office–sober karaoke is therapeutic. Possibly cathartic. The trick is, I think, turning off your self-censor and feeling […]

Damnit Jim!

1. I didn’t even need to watch the show, “How to Look Good Naked,” only see the ads to know that it isn’t anything at all how I critiqued it. 2. I am a bad friend who is apparently incapable of making phone calls. 3. I still don’t want to watch “How to Look Good […]

Being a Grown Up Sucks

Because it means that my life constantly exists on two planes: excellent and nose bleed. These are the excellent things: I threw my first body shop party solo this evening. I did well, with cards. I am not a script-follower generally. I got a solid, positive, promising lead on some consistent freelance work today. I […]

Look Good Naked

On the TV Guide Channel, I learn more about the ways in which I am horrified by current TV offerings than I learn about what I want to watch. My least favorite listing is Look Good Naked. Presumably, this show has a how-to format. I would also suspect that its demographic is heterosexual females aged […]

Fried Dill Pickles!

I’m making some! Recipe to come.

I Bought Shitting Tea!

I was at the grocery store with Pearl, right? And anybody who knows knows that shopping with a 2-year-old should get people nominated for Peace prizes–the 2-year-old and her intense social and physical discovery, the umpteen million shoppers who believe that they would do a better job being a parent to your child than you’re […]

This Dream I had

First, the major players: 1. A boy I know, have slept with and know I shouldn’t talk to anymore. We’ll call him Dilbert. 2. His Girlfriend. We’ll call her Angie.3. A boy I know, have not slept with, and to whom am not sure I should have stopped talking. We’ll call him Aaron. Cameos:1. My […]


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