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Is Class-blind Literacy Responsible for Shitty Books?

I shared an article on Facebook.  It was called “My Stephen King Problem: A Snob’s Notes by Dwight Allen” from the L.A. Review of Books about how Stephen King doesn’t write literature.  I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about SK, but nothing by SK, except for On Writing. The article inspired a lot of impassioned comments.  Some of the commenters […]

Do Literary Authors Need a Social Media Support Group?

Whenever I am not sure where to take my blog post for the day, I spend a few minutes with Twitter before getting out of bed. This is one of the many things on my smartphone that make my job as a writer better, easier, or more efficient.  This morning, my friend and former teacher […]

How To Be a Great Writer

First, a writer should live some life. And I don’t mean the pansy, TV-watching, under-mom-and-dad’s-protective wing sort.  The sort that almost all high school and college kids–and even some grown-ass people with children of their own–are guilty of living. I mean the real stuff: having to go to a horrible job because if you don’t, you don’t […]

Friday Writing: Scenes & New Promises, Honor the Process

I’ve been under the freelance water these last couple of weeks, doing a ton of writing and editing and a “special” project for one of the papers I write for.  That’s all winding down early next week, but I haven’t spent too much time with my draft.  In fact, today is one week since the […]

What is Literature?

Sometimes, I like to concern myself with philosophical questions like “What is beauty?” And lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about literature, specifically literary fiction, and asking the ether, “what counts as literature?  What are the standards?  Should there be standards?  If there are standards, who should be in charge of them?” It is clearer […]

Stories I wrote: Good Material

This piece was one of my first experiments with First Person.  It is the piece that kind of led me there as a writer, one of the first to insert itself into my sleep, and evolve in my mind as I did other things that, to my 22-year-old mind, were more important. My favorite anecdote […]

Guest Post: Five Failed Barbie Concepts

Marc Schuster, a PA Literary writer, will be guesting over at Billtown Blue Lit’s blog on alternating Mondays.  Here’s a delicious and funny post by him that didn’t quite fit in over there.  I’m honored to share it with you here, and hope you’ll go buy Marc’s book.   Woodstock Barbie: Proposed in 1994 to […]


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