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An Ode to My (Unintentionally Feminist) Auto Mechanic

There are about 3 things in my life right now that I wish were different. The main one is that I wish I hadn’t landed, as an adult, a mere 100 miles from where I grew up, in the same state. I wanted to be someplace more urban. Or at least some rural scene that […]

A Good Chat, a Good Chap: Writing About Alive People

One of the many things that I laugh at myself about is that I’m 32. There’s really no call for me to be writing a memoir. I’ve got no business. I don’t think it would matter what I was working on, I’d feel like I had no business writing it. Another thing that gives me […]

The Seriousness of Coloring

Child turned 7 and became a whole new person with a sophisticated set of social know-how, a dazzling sense of humor, and the attitude of a 13-year-old girl. So, before getting in my face and saying, aggressively, “Mommy, I want to go with Lydia!” in this clenched-teeth voice that was legitimately almost frightening, we had this conversation: […]

Open Letter to Women Who Do Not Want Children.

Dear Woman, There is nothing wrong with you. You are self-aware and strong and wise. You are making the right choice. You are the only one who should make that choice. Sex is fun. It is all right to still want to have sex, even if you don’t want to have children. This does not […]

Rainy Mornings And The Working Poor

Child goes to a school that is full of poor kids.  Child is a poor kid. I am proud and resourceful, so Child’s experience of being a poor kid is different from some of the poor kids she goes to school with.  We are also not always poor.  We are never rich, but we are […]

People do Zany Shit on the Internet & Notes from the Cosmos

Child started playing this game, Tapfish, on my first generation Galaxy Tab. I’m kind of into it, too.  I’m babysitting our two tanks while she visits Grandma this week. This game is mildly frustrating because the cool stuff costs real money (in the form of fish bucks), but I’m in the middle of an “event” […]

Oh God, the Feelings! And Candy Land.

It has been an intense month for Child and I.  I am a generally sensitive person with loads of feelings. But I have been in the midst of this confronting-feelings tsunami for about a month. There are two things I want to tell you about. 1.  My sister’s wedding.  I already told you about it, […]

Birthday #7: One Mother’s Oldness

Child says, “Seriously, mommy.” kind of a lot. It sounds like an accusation.  Like, “How dare you doubt my perfect logic?  I am seven, and therefore infallible.”  Seven.  Six plus one.  Five plus two.  Wasn’t she an infant mere months ago?  How is this possible? Here’s Child over her cake.  I like seven.  I liked […]

It’s Too Soon to Talk About the Wedding

I’m a wreck over it, seriously.  This is the stuff midlife crises are made of.  When your baby sister gets married in an ostentatiously arty, wholly original, and beautiful way, and you’re in your 30s and you’re feeling kind of lost and frantic and alone, well.  It takes a toll on a girl is all […]

Religions Disarm Women: Exhibit 1, Tom & Katie

I don’t really follow celebrity gossip. But I’ve wondered what the hell was happening in Katie Holmes’s head when she married Tom Cruise.  His notorious religious zealotry would be enough to scare me away.  And the seventeen year age difference.  Sometimes I feel like being four years my partner’s junior is too much. I used […]


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