Sometimes, A Gal’s Just Gotta Rage

By now you’ve heard about the SCOTUS  Hobby Lobby decision. SCOTUS stands for Supreme Court of The United States, but during the past few days, I’ve been rather startled by the acronym’s similarity to the word SCROTUM. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, here are some links: They Want More Ruth Bader Ginsberg is […]

Disappointing the Christian Republicans, It Hurts: 1997 – present

The last bit of this reads like I’m a PhD.  I’m not. I have a BA in English.  In the larger piece, that is clear before you get here. Hanging out with some friends this weekend, we were talking about our parents and how it’s easy to say, “I don’t care what they think,” but […]

Do You Know about the 99% Rise Movement?

It has taken me nearly 32 years, but I have finally become a fully initiated, angry, emotional, pissed off, pissed on feminist liberal.  It is embarrassing that it’s taken me this long, and there are some embarrassing explanations, and it may help you to know that I’ve been on the road for a good decade, […]

Rainy Mornings And The Working Poor

Child goes to a school that is full of poor kids.  Child is a poor kid. I am proud and resourceful, so Child’s experience of being a poor kid is different from some of the poor kids she goes to school with.  We are also not always poor.  We are never rich, but we are […]

I Made a Terrible Mistake.

I am not good at paying attention to politics. I am annoyed and saddened by the limitations of the scope of the rhetoric. I am convinced that my vote simply doesn’t matter (though I show up at the polls, just in case), and that rich people are totally in charge of this country, whatever histrionic […]

I Remembered a Thing: Temporary, Black, Lesbian College Roommates

My first roommate ever was a boy. I can’t imagine now what my parents must’ve thought, but I knew what I was doing back then, and wouldn’t be dissuaded.  Plus, I got to move to New England.  HUGE bonus.  It had been a dream since I read Cynthia Voigt (I think it was her, anyway) […]

A Dozen Things I Love About New England

This is a picture of a place I used to go a lot in college.  It’s where all the writer wannabes go after readings, after class, after anything one might possibly muster an excuse for drinking. In retrospect, I have no clue how I afforded so many fancy beers. I believe the address is New […]

What I Learned About Freelancing From My Dad and Pushing Social

My blog is my favorite thing about my professional life. I’m always reading about ways to do it better, and there’s a huge concensus among people who give blogging advice that monetizing a blog–unless you are John Grisham–is probably more hassle than it’s worth. Last night, via Twitter, I found Pushing Social, which offers a […]

Is Frack, Indeed, Wack? Reflections on Viewpoints and a Call to Discourse.

The other day, I posted about how you should all watch Gasland, and about how I’m getting out of here ASAP. I live in an area that’s been getting slowly invaded–probably since before I lived here–by Anadarko, Haliburton, etc., and all the requisite dirt and trucks and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) land leases.  These companies and […]

NPR, Rush, Hannity, and Me: Reflections on a PBS Documentary & a Ride Worth Taking

I find the whole politics thing to be exhausting.  I feel like it’s a media full of talking heads touting half truths, and mostly just rhetoric to sway our under-educated public–who has been intentionally trained to NOT think critically–for personal agendas. On one hand, I forgive them because they’re just trying to make money.  Everybody […]


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