Late 2012, or Self (Publishing) Help: How to Be a Baller Client

Late in 2012, I had the honor of working with two excellent writers. These authors are not excellent because they and I share a bit of commonality in terms of literary goals and aesthetics, they were excellent because they were wonderful to work with. The authors were REKTOK ross, author of YA Inspirational Romance, and […]

A Baker’s Dozen Authors Who Made Me Want to Be a Writer, In Roughly Chronological Order

First, a note:  I don’t know if it’s true that these authors made me want to be a writer.  I think that any authors I read would’ve made me want to be a writer.  I think I already wanted to be a writer.  When I was too little to write, I knew it was what […]

Do Literary Authors Need a Social Media Support Group?

Whenever I am not sure where to take my blog post for the day, I spend a few minutes with Twitter before getting out of bed. This is one of the many things on my smartphone that make my job as a writer better, easier, or more efficient.  This morning, my friend and former teacher […]

Who’s cooler? Creative Writing MFAs or PhDs in English?

In one of my earlier lives, the one before I knew that people don’t need accredited papers to make them worthwhile (though I loved the hell out of my education and would damn anybody who told me it’d wasted my time, not everybody is like me), the one before I had this blog, the one […]

The Reading Life: The History of My Body

The thing that struck me most about Sharon Heath’s The History of My Body is the deep authenticity of the protagonist’s voice. The story is told in first person by Fleur Robins–daughter of an extravagantly wealthy fundamentalist nutjob politician father and alcoholic mother–who, at first, exhibits signs of being touched neurologically (never officially diagnosed, her disengaged […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Grammar and Influence Are Important!

First a quick note: I’m going to relegate fiction sharing to every-other Friday, possibly every third.  Partially because of Stanford’s advice at Pushing Social, and also partially because I’ve got a ton of helpful blog posts brewing, that are of use to you, and sharing Fiction every Friday feels narcissistic to me.   Onward. What […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Show Me The Money!!!

Just because J.A. Konrath is standing up there on the rafters, shrieking down at all of us about the insane pile of cash he’s making as a “self-published” author does not mean that the gravy train is just waiting for you to step on board. I would ask Mr. Konrath why the heck he’s still using a […]

Friday Writing: Scenes & New Promises, Honor the Process

I’ve been under the freelance water these last couple of weeks, doing a ton of writing and editing and a “special” project for one of the papers I write for.  That’s all winding down early next week, but I haven’t spent too much time with my draft.  In fact, today is one week since the […]

Style is not Voice! 5 Style Rules to Internalize.

Style is not Voice! 5 Style Rules to Internalize.

I do a lot of proofreading.  The two most popular manuals of this component of publishing, in fiction and most other trade publishing, are Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS, or CMS) and Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged (or Collegiate) Dictionary (Sometimes M-W). I do not pretend to know everything, so I subscribe to both of these services online, and […]

Friday Writing: More Characters

Last week, I said that I like to spend time knowing my characters before I get on with the story.  And this week has sucked in multiple ways (for instance, my blog-readers have decreased by about 20 a day.  I guess I should feel grateful that I now know that my blog readers don’t dig […]


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