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Friday’s a Dumb Day to Blog.

It’s not like anybody’s hanging out on the internet to kill time at work.  They’re all doing all the stuff they didn’t do while they were hanging out online earlier in the week. Also, Friday’s becoming my catch-up day. Also, I recently read an article about not-Friday being a bomb-ass day to post stuff on […]

Is Class-blind Literacy Responsible for Shitty Books?

I shared an article on Facebook.  It was called “My Stephen King Problem: A Snob’s Notes by Dwight Allen” from the L.A. Review of Books about how Stephen King doesn’t write literature.  I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about SK, but nothing by SK, except for On Writing. The article inspired a lot of impassioned comments.  Some of the commenters […]

OBX: Houses on the Effing Beach

Shortly before I came here, I was hanging out at my professional space at The Pajama Factory, and I said to a mixed group of people, “I’m going to the Outer Banks.  I’m not sure if they keep my people there.” “Why do you think that, April?” “Generally high-end SUVs driving around with those OBX stickers, […]

OBX: Turtle Signs & Monuments

Yesterday, we went to the Wright Brothers museum/memorial in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  It’s about 30 minutes south of where we’re staying, and it was fun. Here’s a picture of the monolith. But I think my favorite part was learning about all the women of aviation.  Of course, they don’t have their own wing, but […]

OBX post: Writing home & the Beach

This is my first time in the Outer Banks. I am here because I have generous friends who love me, not because I am actually rich enough to go on vacation. Getting in the ocean first thing today, and drying off saltily in the early sun and breeze was lovely. I enjoy the water, less […]

“Change is Hard, I should know.”

Today, all I can muster is a song.  A horribly sentimental, juvenile, self-pitying, ridiculous sort of song.  But it’s great.  And everybody likes to start a Friday with a nice little ditty about requited/unrequited love, right? This trend of titling posts with quotations is one of which I’m becoming rather fond. Enjoy this track, “Change […]

“You Can’t Touch the Music, but the Music Can Touch You.”

Child’s been watching Regular Show. I love this trend of hipster cartoons.  I would argue that it started with Spongebob, but maybe Scooby Doo is the original hipster cartoon, adjusted for period and culture. My favorite hipster cartoon is Adventure Time.  If you haven’t seen it, do.  You will pee your pants. I was in Urban Outfitters […]

You Should Read This Stuff. Or Else.

This article sparked some amazing discourse over on Facebook.  Read it.  I’ll be writing a full post about it & that discourse later this week. Stephen King Does Not Write Literature This is a fun, quick read about misguidedness in grammar nazi-ism. From the Chronicle of Higher Education My friend Jamie’s Short Saturday post is […]

Religions Disarm Women: Exhibit 1, Tom & Katie

I don’t really follow celebrity gossip. But I’ve wondered what the hell was happening in Katie Holmes’s head when she married Tom Cruise.  His notorious religious zealotry would be enough to scare me away.  And the seventeen year age difference.  Sometimes I feel like being four years my partner’s junior is too much. I used […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Tell the F*cking Truth!

Listen, today is independence day.  Independence is cool.  Independent publishing is cool.  But some people don’t find it to be liberating.  Some people are ashamed. In my work as a journalist, I have encountered some self-published authors who are so defensive about being self-published that their websites are full of lies. So in honor of […]


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