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“A Symmetry of Surprises” : Thoughts on Writing, Writers, and People

I generally write the post first, then pick the picture.  But today, I had these two great quotations about writing, and couldn’t figure out how to get there. So I went shopping at Flickr for images using “writing” as a keyword. I ended up with these fountain pens writing without human intervention because I think […]

I Got Annoyed by Stephen King, Then I Loved Him.

Right.  Until a few weeks ago, I had never read a Stephen King anything. Don’t get pissed.  I’m just not interested.  I do want to read The Green Mile, but that is all.  I have seen a couple of the movies made from Stephen King novels/novellas: The Green Mile, The Stand.  That might be it. I honestly […]

On the Road: Reflections on Ambition & Art

As you know, I’ve just returned from my first residency at Wilkes University. I’ll go twice a year for 2.5 years and on the other side of 3, have an MA, and an MFA, an internship in teaching or publishing, and I’ll have a manuscript, a(t least one) revision of it, and all sorts of […]

Residency Day 5: Beauty, Blight, and Bombast

There’s a group of about 4 men, possessing a complementary nose for mischief, and they travel together in our “cohort.”  Our “cohort” is our group of writers entering the MFA program at the same time.  Why is it not a class?  I do not know.  These men are delightfully rowdy and goofy (they remind me […]

Residency Day 1: Setting

Wilkes-Barre is renowned for being a totally blue-collar city.   It feels a little like Pittsburgh: universities surrounded by middle class & slums.  A lot of queerly frightened white people. And I am getting sick with nostalgia for proper city living. I got here a touch early, and the first person I met was Dr. […]

The Effort Word [sic]

If you know me, you probably know that I have a potty mouth. I have, intentionally, not been 100% cautious about swearing in front of Child. Diplomacy and discretion are two skills that not enough people have.  While this is pure theory, I suspect that understanding the value of an inner life, and of recognizing […]

What Do You Do with a BA in English?

If you’re me, you spend a lot of time writing, and then go to graduate school, but don’t finish it, and then wait a few years and try again. I’m so pumped for all of you to see tomorrow’s post.  I think you’re really going to like it.  It is about Child and it is […]

Self (Publishing) Help: What is a Book Doctor? Do I need one?

If you’ve been reading here, or if you grabbed one of my free eBooks, you probably know that I am 100% pro editor. But if you’re thinking about self-publishing, or wondering if you should pitch an agent, and have done even a small amount of web research, you’ve probably also seen the term “book doctor.” […]

Why I Love Facebook, After All.

I was not an early adopter of social media. I didn’t have a MySpace until Facebook was already a thing.  My MySpace account was under the name of my Misanthropic Internet Doppleganger, Georgette Magillacuddy.  If we were friends in college, you might’ve heard me tell people (men) that was my name at bars. I thought […]

Writing Out of My Depth: Why You Should Challenge Yourself Professionally

Today is the last day I’m writing at Adotas.  My (incredibly brainy) friend from college, Brian LaRue, is Managing Editor there, and he posted on facebook last weekend that he would be taking a week off, and needed a fill-in writer.  Adotas’s subject matter is technology and marketing.  I offered my services post haste. I […]


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