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Purity Balls, and All They Represent, Are Absurd.

First: Some facts about me. 1.  I grew up in a Christian home in rural Pennsylvania.  It’s still Christian there, my siblings and parents are Protestant a la Baptist (some more absolutist than others), and I am solidly agnostic.  Sometimes I attend church when I visit them, I do this because I know it makes […]

eBooks for Free or Sale, Philosophy of Commerce for Artists

Lookee! I made some eBooks.  And listen, I know that my graphic design skills leave something to be desired. But each consists of 55ish pages (+/- 10K words) of the best stuff on this blog.  Notes on Life and Love is something of a memoir in essay, fiction, list.  On Writing and Living is all about writing […]

I Remembered a Thing: Temporary, Black, Lesbian College Roommates

My first roommate ever was a boy. I can’t imagine now what my parents must’ve thought, but I knew what I was doing back then, and wouldn’t be dissuaded.  Plus, I got to move to New England.  HUGE bonus.  It had been a dream since I read Cynthia Voigt (I think it was her, anyway) […]

Advice About Love for Artists or Anybody.

Advice About Love for Artists or Anybody.

1.  Always worry about your choices, for your wide mind and readiness for new experience can lead you to crummy places with crummy people. 2.  Choose lovers who are also artists.  If you marry, marry a pragmatist.  If you divorce, remarry an artist. 3.  Avoid the tiger and the rat. 4.  Trust yourself.  Do not […]

Webinar on Blogging a Book: Where Do We Rest in Free Content Land?

I listened to a free webinar from Writer’s Digest on How to Blog a Book, which is a book by Nina Amir that came out recently. The webinar was one week ago today. Here’s the link to the book.  It came out from Writer’s Digest publishing. Nina said that we have to blog every day […]

Don’t Tell Me What I Should’ve Done By 30! A Riff on an Early Viral.

I came across this thing (again) recently.  It was emailed to me as some Elanor Roosevelt thing back in the late 90s, long before I was 30, back when “meme” and “viral” weren’t things.  This thing was as viral as a thing could be in the late 90s and early 2000s. It was written in 1997 […]

Slow Down the Train! Notes on My Personal Relationship with Blogging.

When I first started blogging in Earnest, was it only half a year ago?  Sheesh…  What happened to the first half of 2012? But that’s how I roll: If I’m excited and passionate, it’s total immersion with very little space for perspective until I’m a few weeks in.  So with this blog, I was building […]

Anxiety about a book about writing? Am I Missing the Point?

I have to read books about being a writer before I head off to the residency next month. I’ve nearly finished Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande. But it makes me nervous about this program I’m entering, because the book seems to be written for people who’ve never thought about themselves as writers much more than […]

More Versatile Blogging –or– Great Blogs You Should Read + 7 Facts About Me

Gerry Wilson subscribed to my blog and then like two days later, she gave me this award.  I’m always honored when somebody starts getting an email every time I post.  I post five days a week, and typically my posts are like 1000-1500 words, so that’s kind of a commitment.  It’s also a signal to […]

Baggott on Blogging, Asking a Question We Don’t Ask Enough.

I read a lot about blogging.  There is a lot of advice about it.  Some people say that monetizing your blog is something you can only do if you’re as insanely popular as, for example, Shaq.  (Is Shaq still popular?  I think you know what I mean: household name, superstar status).  Some people say that […]


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