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Self (Publishing) Help: Do You Need Beta Readers?

  A beta reader, as far as I can glean from the world wide web is a term that originated among fan fiction writers, on forums. Fan fiction writers are people who write in the style of an author they admire, or continue story lines where the author left gaping chasms, or had the nerve […]

Two Weeks to Geek: Librarians are Comics Heroes!

Don’t forget to register online a tHttp://  Only a few days left to take advantage of the March Madness sale! Yesterday, I wrote about resources for writers.  I was thinking specifically about online resources, but as I thought through the post for today, I realized that omitting mention of libraries as a resource is a […]

For Writers and Wannabes and Bloggers, and a Serious Question.

Yesterday I wrote that you have to read in order to be a great writer. It’s true of blogging, too.  I decided about 2 months back that it was time to try to take this blog to the next level. As I began to read about others’ ideas about blogging, things have more-or-less fallen into […]

How To Be a Great Writer

First, a writer should live some life. And I don’t mean the pansy, TV-watching, under-mom-and-dad’s-protective wing sort.  The sort that almost all high school and college kids–and even some grown-ass people with children of their own–are guilty of living. I mean the real stuff: having to go to a horrible job because if you don’t, you don’t […]

Yes, Principal. I do swear in front of my kid. What’s it to you?

How is it possible that some time in the very near past, my unbelievably cool child couldn’t even write her own name? At the present moment, she is so competent that she corrects my pronunciation.  I remember doing this to my mother.  I remember being six, and getting the stick that my mom was some […]

Guest Post: “You’ve survived it again, the Poem says.”

This Post originally appeared in Center for Health Media and Policy out of  Hunter College.  This post is an eloquent meditation on Andrew Merton’s poem, “Coming Out of a Depression.”  Thank you, Joy.  Enjoy, everyone.  Joy Jacobson is the CHMP’s poet-in-residence.  This week Andrew Merton’s first book of poems, Evidence that We Are Descended from Chairs, is […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Grammar and Influence Are Important!

First a quick note: I’m going to relegate fiction sharing to every-other Friday, possibly every third.  Partially because of Stanford’s advice at Pushing Social, and also partially because I’ve got a ton of helpful blog posts brewing, that are of use to you, and sharing Fiction every Friday feels narcissistic to me.   Onward. What […]

Three Weeks to Geek: Beddor & Mendheim, Worlds & Games

The thing that got me intrigued by this Comic Con in the first place–and the thing that got me to pull my head out of my ass and realize that the project is revolutionary, and it just happens to be coming alive in this relatively small, conservative town in which I live–was when John Shableski (the guy […]

What I Learned About Freelancing From My Dad and Pushing Social

My blog is my favorite thing about my professional life. I’m always reading about ways to do it better, and there’s a huge concensus among people who give blogging advice that monetizing a blog–unless you are John Grisham–is probably more hassle than it’s worth. Last night, via Twitter, I found Pushing Social, which offers a […]

Self (Publishing) Help: Show Me The Money!!!

Just because J.A. Konrath is standing up there on the rafters, shrieking down at all of us about the insane pile of cash he’s making as a “self-published” author does not mean that the gravy train is just waiting for you to step on board. I would ask Mr. Konrath why the heck he’s still using a […]


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