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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everybody! April Line Writing is closed for the holiday.  Stay tuned for a dozen excellent blog posts about life as a weird mom and writer, and thoughts on  participating in National Novel Writing Month next week.

Amazing News for November 1st & Thanks

It’s a little early for New Year’s thinking, but I find myself in a place of reflection, and with the desire to re-examine where I want to land.  I’ve been doing some reading along these lines: things about how to run my freelance business better, how to get writing work from writing for free, etc. […]

Dead Babies IV: Snail Mommy

We have fish tanks. We have one 30-gallon tank, and a smaller tank that gets its inhabitants today. These little fellas: I understand that keeping a shrimp tank is kind of trendy right now in Asia, and the Fish Tank Proprietor (henceforth FTP) in our house is kind of into (read wild crazy full of […]

Girls’ Guide to Hiring Mechanics and Contractors

When I was a teenager and young adult, my dad took care of my car stuff.  He helped me with house stuff, too, when I lived near him.  Then I got a car that was too new for him to work on, but I worked at a car dealership, so I was pretty sure the […]

The Watching Life: The Thing & Septien

It’s so rare that I watch two recent movies in the same week. Due to my self-inflicted (for a large part) media deprivation as a young person, I spend a lot of time playing catch up on movies and TV that other people have already seen. We went to see The Thing. Then we watched […]

Cool song by old friend. Maybe support independent music & buy the record, won’t you?

Modern Living is the song my old friend wrote.  He recorded it with this North Hampton, MA band.  Plus, I like their album art. *ahem, that’s Northampton (Thanks Robin).

Open letter to Bueraucratic Bitchasses

Dear Bueraucratic Bitchasses (hereinafter B.B.A.s), Maybe you remember me.  I am that woman for whom life has been slightly difficult, but who is doing her best. I am that girl who didn’t procure a state-funded abortion and has spent a cumulative total of 2 of her daughter’s six years utilizing any sort of state- or […]

The Watching Life: Red State (Spoiler!)

When I was a teenager, I looked like this: I also really liked Kevin Smith’s movies.  All of them.  Especially Dogma and Chasing Amy. When I was in college, I looked like this: I still liked Dogma, but I viewed his other work as pedestrian and masturbatory.  I was over the adolescent humor. When I […]

Vacation Posts: My mom thinks I’m doing it wrong

As adults, we have odd relationships with our parents.  Few others have the power to reduce our wearied and wizened adult selves to the simpering, angry, victimized fifteen-year-olds we once were.  I have such a relationship with my mom, who is so fearful of confrontation that she would not even confront me when I was […]

Great entry by Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman is a great blogger, here’s a link to a really good one for fiction writers.


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