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Modern Love a.k.a. Dead Babies 2

I’ve been reading essays over at the NY Times archive of Modern Love.  I think most of what I write as essays would fit in there.  As they say: “know your market.”  Two of the most touching essays I read were, “My Husband is Now My Wife,” and “A Lost Child, but Not Mine.” In […]

On Writing as Therapy and How I’ve Missed Mine

So for about the last 5 years, the most writing I’ve been able to muster are intermittent blog posts (you can see how much so in all the old blogs here, I imported them from Blogspot), emails, and 2 poems.  Both poems I wrote for specific purposes.  I also started at least 10 stories, but […]

To Essay To Essay

I just essayed to get all involved in the essays contained in The Best American Essays of the Century Edited by Joyce Carol Oates. Before I get to describing my motivation to essay, I just want to ask these questions: Did J.C. Oates read all of the essays written for the entire 20th century in order […]

A Blog About Blogging

I love blogging. Let me rephrase:  I love the idea of blogging.  The idea of blogging keeps me awake, thinking.  I am always writing blogs in my head while I watch TV, observe Pearl playing, do my work, and print business card magnet promo materials for my First Friday workshop launch. Trouble is, the best […]

Chronicles of Naan

I should’ve taken pictures.  I always remember when it is already too late. So I have this awesome cookbook.  It is a little confusing because the ingredients are given in metric and in US.  Sometimes the conversions are off, so I like to weigh all the stuff.  Also, there are often a few ingredients that […]

On the Compulsion to Write

After my little temper tantrum, which you can read here, and a conversation I had with my sister about artists and art after I told her about this dream, and a brief email exchange with Julianna Baggott, I’ve been thinking about the compulsory need to create. I need to write.  If I added up all […]

Crazy Weird Dream

I’m riding in a school bus down a narrow, urban street, and at first I believe it is my mom who’s driving.  When I realize it’s my sister, Ellen, I am a little relieved, but then panicked, because she’s my (much) younger sister, and I always worry about my sisters. I ask, “Ellen, where’d you […]

Dead Babies?

This was posted today on facebook by someone over whom I feel equal parts love and incredulity: Today we remember the babies who were born asleep, or whom were carried but never met, or those who were held but could not be taken home, or the ones who made it home, but didn’t stay. Make […]


I have sought after the most elusive of perfect pancake recipes for some time.  We are subscribers to the most WASPy and sometimes obnoxious, but delightful Cook’s Illustrated.  We have been fans of Alton Brown’s cooking show on Food Network.  So the notion of perfect, or at least immaculately prepared, food appeals to me. I had the […]

Creative Writing Workshops in Williamsport

As soon as I find a venue, there will be flyers up around town for the creative writing workshops I’ll be offering beginning on September 6th.  The workshop will run for six weeks, through October 11th. The workshops are for writers at all levels. Starting on Tuesday the 6th at 4-5:30, there’ll be a workshop […]


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