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2 thoughts about 2 items on the radio

This evening, I drove Pearl down to Selinsgrove to meet up with my mom and spend her Thanksgiving break with her grandma, learning all about consumerism. I used to listen to Jagged Little Pill over and over and over. I did not remember many of the lyrics to “All I really want,” but the song […]

good news, and do blogs need themes?

Good news: I get paid 3 days early. Pearl is a healthy weight/height per the pediatrician. Thursday is Thanksgiving Do blogs need to have themes? All the blogs I see are about a specific thing. Nobody, who is successful at blogging, has a blog as schizophrenic as mine. I should get a theme. I know […]

Cochran School Nurse II

The war wages on. Pearl had a potty accident today. So the Cochran School Nurse called me and requested a change of clothes. Yesterday, Pearl had the balance of her immunizations and her physical check up. Dr. O’Hara, her pediatrician (who is simply lovely), said that her school nurse is also a beastly, naggy person. […]

Robot Brain

I had a conversation with little Pearl this morning that went like this: “Mommy, do you remember when I went with you to buy this fix it tape?” she asked me, waving my white-out tape dispenser in the air. “No, Pearl, I do not.” “That’s because you don’t have a robot brain like me, mommy.” […]

pumpkin spiced pumpkin beer bread

Here’s a recipe I made up today. If I want to make it again, I will not remember. This is multi-purpose writing-it-down/sharing with you, so here it is. If you try it, let me know what you think. Grease loaf pan, a full-sized one, or several smaller ones. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. 2 […]

This is a day full of thinking and doing

Today is the day I consult the physician about having myself sterilized. Write a story. Have my first parent-teacher conference. My mom is coming to visit. Send a sympathy card and maybe an inspirational book to dear, dear people who have lost someone. Do laundry and clean our house. Purchase 10 grocery items and replace […]

Mr Bubble T-shirt Offer

So I’m in the shower thinking about how my multi vitamin is working because I’m losing less of my hair now (ah, 30). Pearl’s new bottle of bubble bath catches my eye. It is Mr. Bubble. I practically forced her to get it, because like Dum-dum wrappers, the Mr. Bubble T-shirt offer always fascinated me […]

Dear The Olive Garden

I came to your blessed haven of overpriced, fatty, glorified fast food for the first time in many months. I slid my lardy bottom across your glorious, vinyl booth seat and thanked the fates that I still fit. I did this because I have quit smoking and I wanted to eat something bad for me […]

PSPA Conference

The good news: my presentation was neither too long nor too short for the time allotted.They gave me a Starbucks Gift Card for showing up. The bad news: only three students came to my presentation. More good news: one of the three students talked about how I am her new favorite thing/person. There is something […]

I like Bones

The TV series Bones is my favorite. I think season 6 is on now. Season 5 just came out on DVD. I’m a bit behind. But if you haven’t watched season 5 to its conclusion, be aware that a spolier is below. On twitter, my friend Jim (you can follow him on twitter if you […]


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